Need help with your next event?


If you need assistance with an event the crew at Wishful Events is ready to help.


From small to large exhibitions, we can take care of it all for you!


We can help with any, or all of the following aspects to ensure your event is a success:



We can look after certain aspects of your event or your entire event. If you have a great idea we can assist you to bring it to life.



We can help you position your event within the market, looking at current market trends to ensure your events success.



We can promote your event to your target market.


Budgets & Finance

Budgeting for a big event can be difficult, let us help you work out your budgets with a realistic look at your events viability.



Need help writing that proposal to receive sponsorship? Let us help you with this.



Get a great website that showcases who you are.


Social Networking

Getting your message across couldn't be easier with new social media advertising sources. We can help you get the most out of this new and very successful advertising tool.



Is your event reaching its potential? Maybe we can help uncover hidden potentials that you can utilize to boost your event.